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Forum changes

reg0hitsaru, Nov 1, 10 2:41 PM.
The guild forums have been changed and added to increase the number of forums. Forums now have division and there are specific forums for different types of discussion.

Website restructure

reg0hitsaru, Oct 31, 10 1:54 AM.
Many of the widgets have been restructured in order in increase website efficiency.

Recruitment Begins

reg0hitsaru, Sep 15, 10 2:53 PM.
The guild's first advertisment for public recruitment has been made. Recruit Gamers is hosting the recruitment information for our guild. People will be directed to the guild website to apply or to get more information. Any guild member may be contacted in game from a potential recruit. Please refer them back to the guild website. Private recruitment is still open, as always.

Guild Website Up

reg0hitsaru, Jul 21, 10 3:51 AM.
The guild has openned our website.  All users please feel free to set up your accounts and get ready to utilize it.
Welcome to the Maleficium Guild Website.

In order to veiw the site's full content you will be required to create a username and password. A basic application is part of the username and password creation. If you are not applying to the guild, but only to the website, please indicate this in the application in the first question, and refer to all other questions that would require guild requirements as "N/A"
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